Sullair Corporation, a United Technologies company is a leading worldwide manufacturer of stationery and portable rotary screw air compressors, vacuum systems, compressed air treatment systems and construction tools.

The Industrial Products Group manufacture stationary rotary screw air compressors ranging from 5 to 600 horsepower (13 to 3100 acfm) and vacuum systems ranging from 5 to 200 horsepower (80 to 3095 acfm) used in a wide variety of industrial applications which includes electronic, aerospace, oil & gas, textile, pharmaceutical, woodworking and most major industrial sectors. Sullair complements its industrial air compressors with a full range of compressed air treatment systems to provide 100% clean dry air.

The Construction Product Group manufacturer portable air compressors range from 110 to 1900 cfm providing pneumatic power for construction and stand-by plant air where the need for compressed air is critical. These are complemented by a wide range of pneumatic tools.

With ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities on three continents and a worldwide distribution network, Sullair serves customers in every corner of the globe.

Air Compressor

Encapsulated Compressure:

Encapsulated Compressor:

  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled motor — TEFC
  • Low life cycle costs including long-life bearings, rotors, and consumable parts
  • Less than 2 ppm fluid carryover
  • Excellent motor cooling design characteristics for longer motor life
Single-Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Single-Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressor:

  • Low restriction inlet valve for better CFM performance
  • Low life cycle costs including longlife bearings, rotors, and consumable parts
  • Less than 1 ppm fluid carryover
  • Excellent motor cooling design characteristics for longer motor life
Two-Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Two-Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressor:

  • Sullair Supervisor Controller
  • Direct Coupled
  • Highly Efficient Air/Fluid Separation
  • Fiberglass Fluid Filter
  • Optimalair™ Intake Filter
  • Sullube™ 8000 Hour Compressor Fluid
  • Optimizer™ Separator
  • Bearing Fluid Reservoir
Oil-Free Compressor

Oil-Free Compressor:

  • Beautifully Rugged
  • Valuable Versatility
  • User Friendly

Contaminent Removal System

Refrigerated Dryers

Refrigerated Dryers:

SR Series dryers are designed for installations where pipeline temperatures are not expected to go below 35?F to 39?F or when process requirements demand a lower dewpoint.

Regenerative (Desiccant) Dryersr

Regenerative (Desiccant) Dryersr:

  • ASME coded pressure vessels and piping.
  • Durable, low maintenance valves.
  • NEMA 4, CSA approved electrical panel.
  • Tower and purge pressure gauges.
  • Efficient, abrasion resistant activated alumina desiccant.
Compressed Air Filtration

Compressed Air Filtration :

  • Compressed air is filtered to remove atmospheric particulate, aerosols and other pollutants to provide compressed air for general purposes to the most critical application.
  • Filtration equipment includes pre-filters, high efficiency filters and odor-removal filters.
Condensate Drains

Condensate Drains:

  • Saves Energy
  • Removes liquid condensate
  • Intelligent Sensing System knows when the unit has failed to drain. After ten pulses, remote alarm indicates blockage, overflow and power loss. (All models except SCD-100).
  • Removes risk of condensate carry-over
Oil / Water Separators

Oil / Water Separators:

 Sullair’s OS Series oil/water separators offer an environmentally sound method of removing and dispose of oil-contaminated compressor condensate. These separators, which collect water condensate in the compressed air system, can be installed on-site and assures clean discharge water and compliance with environmental laws.

Mist Eliminators

Mist Eliminators:

  • Long service life (10-15 years before element change).
  • Ultra low 0.5 psi d.
  • Special machine pleated construction.

Vacuum System

VS-10, VS-12, VS-16, VS-20, VS-25, VS-32

VS-10, VS-12, VS-16, VS-20, VS-25, VS-32:

  • 10 micron inlet filter
  • Inlet pressure gauge
  • 10 micron oil filter
  • Oil separation system
  • Separator differential pressure gauge
  • Discharge temperature gauge
  • 460v full voltage starter

Air Ends

Drills Compressure

Drills Compressure:

  • Convert frequency signal to analog output (voltage, milliamp)
  • FIP, FIA, FIV, IFI product groups
  • Meter-mounted or DIN-rail mount designs
Power Take Off Unit

Power Take Off Unit:

  • Frequency Output Sensors
  • Carrier frequency, hall effect, magnetic and fiber optic
  • Options include explosion-proof, intrinsically-safe, high temperature and quadrature
Gas Ends

Gas Ends:

  • Convert frequency signal to analog output (voltage, milliamp)
  • FIP, FIA, FIV, IFI product groups
  • Meter-mounted or DIN-rail mount designs