Roxar is a leading provider to the oil & gas industry of advanced technology for production optimisation, production regularity and improved decision making. Our technologies help operators maximise their reservoir’s performance.

Roxar understands reservoir description and flow dynamics. Our technologies take operators through the entire reservoir lifecycle from interpretation of geological data through to collection and analysis of real-time production data. Roxar’s 3D reservoir geological modelling and simulation software, and our comprehensive range of topside, subsea and downhole metering and monitoring instrumentation maximises return from your reservoir assets.

 Production & Process Topside

Flare Gas Meter: FGM 130

Flare Gas Meter: FGM 130

The Roxar Flare Gas Meter has been developed to measure flare gas in pipes where low pressures, a wide range of velocities and large pipe diameters represent a problem.
The FGM L30 is an ultrasonic flare gas meter. The mete is non-intrusive for all pipe dl a meters and have the largest velocity range on the market.
Roxar 's FGM 130 is characterized by:

  • Minimum interfacing
  • Simplified field Installation
  • Low power consumption


  • High measurement accuracy
  • Fast response time
  • ATEX-certified for operation in hazardous area
  • Low maintenance requirements


RFM EGO L30 has specially designed mounting jigs for fast, economical and accurate mounting of transducer holders. These holders are welded onto the pipeline at an angle suitable for each different pipe size

Multiphase Flow Meter

Multiphase Flow Meter

MPFM 1900VLp measures accurately the flow rates of oil, gas and water without separation, mixing or moving parts. Field experience shows long term stability, high accuracy and very good repeatability.
The meter is compact and easy to install and operate. It covers a large operating range, including water cuts from 0 to 100% and gas fractions from 0 to 98% Advantages:

  • Measurement redundancy
  • Flow regime independent
  • Robust and well proven technology

 Independent tests have repeatedly shown that electrical measurements are superior, especially at low levels and onset of water production.
The process data sheet below contains important figures. By filling Dot this data sheet Roxar will be able to size the correct multiphase meter needed for your specific project

Pig Detection System

Pig Detection System

The Roxar PDS 500 TC monitoring pigging operations in production pipework and pipelines. The detector is clamped on to the outside of any part of production pipework.


  • High sensitivity
  • Compact
  • Simplified field installation
  • Low power consumption

Design applications

The system provides the operator with the accurate time at which a pig passes a given point, and also indicates the amount of pipeline debris being pushed ahead by a cleaning pig (if data processing unit is supplied).
The roxar SAM 400 TC/CIU is a clamp-on, sand detection system with a non-intrusive design that provides easy installation, minimal maintenance and flexible interface options.


  • High sensibility
  • All data processed internally
  • All data stored in flash memory
  • Local Status display (LED)
  • No need for a computer in daily use


The instrinsically safe unit is clamped onto the outside of production piping in the hazardous zone.


Early detection of sand permits an oil, gas or multiphase production system to be controlled such that the risk of erosion damage to valves, in-line process equipment and flow lines is minimized. By enabling operators to establish maximum sand free rates or acceptable sand production rates, production can be optimized at much higher levels.

WaterCut Meter

WaterCut Meter

The Roxar WaterCut Meter is a full-bore, in-line field mounted instrument for accurate measurements of water in oil. The Roxar WCM is reliable and easy to use.


  • Continuous real-time measurement
  • Full-bore sensor with no electronics or moving parts
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Available in any pipe size
  • Automatically adjusts its zero calibration as the hydrocarbon liquid changes
  • user-friendly, menu-based configuration software design

Elegant, simple configuration

The Roxar WCM has two distinct parts- sensor and electronic control unit. The sensor is a simple apparatus containing no electronics. The control unit is housed In an explosion-proof enclosure. It processes microwave signals to and from the sensor and transmits the measured water-cut ratios to any data recording system.

WetGas Meter

WetGas Meter

The Roxar WetGas Meter (WGM) is unique instrument allowing accurate measurement of hydrocarbon flow rates and water production, with a very compact mechanical solution.
Accurate measurement of wet gas flow including water and liquid detection is crucial for the operators of wet gas producing fields for many reasons:

  • Well testing
  • Improved reservoir management
  • Production allocation
  • Optimized chemical injection to prevent hydrate formation and corrosion

Direct Water Measurement

The Roxar WGM is the only available meter with online and direct measurement of water in in a wet gas flow. This unique functionality allows direct measurement of water at an early stage and as soon as it starts to be produced from the well. This Information Is valuable for reservoir management, for flow assurance and for optimizing the production process.

The meter can also distinguish between condensed water and saline formation water such that early remedial actions can be Initiated

Production & Process Subsea

Sand Monitoring  The AD3000 subsea

Sand Monitoring

The AD3000 subsea sand detector a an intelligent device that utilizes acoustic energy generated by sand particles to calculate sand production in oil, gas or multiphase pipeline flows.
The sand detector provides real-time quantitative monitoring of sand In the production flow, thus helping the operator to optimize production while avoiding erosion of valves, line process equipment and flow lines.


  • passive acoustic technology
  • maintenance free
  • low power consumption
  • two-way communication
  • functional error checking
Pig Detection System

Pig Detection System

The AD3000 subsea pig detector is an intelligent non-intrusive device that utilizes the acoustic energy generated by traveling pigs to calculate pig passed signals in oil, gas or multiphase pipeline flows.
The pig detector provides an accurate registration of passing pigs.


  • Higher sensitivity
  • Compact
  • Simplified field installation
  • Low power consumption
Multiphase Flow Meter

Multiphase Flow Meter

A subsea meter negates the need for an expensive subsea test line. The Roxar MPFM SRC® offers high measurement availability.
Roxar's Multiphase Flow Meter is a Subsea version of MPFM 1900VI and is designed for

  • maximum reliability
  • performance
  • flexibility

The subsea version of the Multiphase Flow Meter is based on well-proven measuring principles. MPFM SRC® consists of permanently installed parts and a retrievable canister containing electronics, CPU and power. All electronics, signal and power systems, and vectors in the entire MPFM SRC® have full redundancy.

Choke bridge version - MPFM CBV

The subsea Multiphase Flow Meter is also available as a chokebridge, version. This version s called MPFM CBV and welds directly onto a pipe assembly module . It is then Installed and retrieved as part of this assembly.

The process data sheet below contains important figures. By filling out this data sheet Roxar will be able to size the correct multiphase meter needed for your specific project.

Well & Completion Downhole 

Permanent Downhole Monitoring System

Permanent Downhole Monitoring System

PDMS provides reliable real-time access to downhole instrumentation from any location; improving reservoir management, well planning and resource exploitation.

PDMS is highly robust and reliable for onshore -, offshore - and sub sea wells. Roxar systems are engineered and customized in house giving a fast turnaround between customer decision and final installation. Permanently installed downhole instrumentation provides simple, cost-effective and intervention free reservoir surveillance-on a continuous basis.

PDMS is deployed in production, injection and observation wells, and also in conjunction with instrumentation of highly complex multi-zone intelligent wells.

PDMS can be supplied as a stand-alone system or as a completely integrated system. Available in numerous configurations, the Roxar PDh1S typically provides information on reservoir pressure and temperature. However, measurements such as flow rate, fluid fraction, sand detection and chemical properties add value to the system. In cooperation with partners Rover also provides complete downhole instrumentation for permanent seismic monitoring, in conjunction with both 4-D surveillance and micro-seismic activity. Also integrated systems for point pressure and temperature, together with distributed temperature sensing along the wellbore (fiberoptic DTS) are available.

Intelligent Network

Intelligent Network

Intelligent well technology makes downhole instrumentation more complex. Roxar has developed a new downhole instrumentation system called Intelligent downhole Network (IDN).

The system encompasses

  • A new generation of pressure and temperature gauges - RQPG-HS
  • An advanced mufti-purpose downhole Interface Module - RODIM
  • A subsea/topside downhole Network Controller - DHNC

IDN is designed to meet the most stringent specifications, such as extreme temperatures, pressures and accelerations and total lifetime. It serves both regular single well systems and complex intelligent well systems.

IDN is designed to take an infrastructure host role in future well completions offering communication, power and interface for a variety of downhole instruments and devises.

Over the years, Roxar has installed some 700 Permanent Downhole Monitoring systems. As the Norwegian North Sea is the company's home ground, this is also where most installations have been made, and where Roxar has held a leading position for years. Lately the company has performed an increasing number of Installations in other regions of the world - a trend that Roxar expects to continue.