Multiphase Oil & Gas Co., Ltd.

Multiphase Oil & Gas is a leading supplier of mechanical process equipment for Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Power Plant and General industrial application. We provide engineered-to-order solutions, fit your exact requirements according to the highest international industry standards.
We represent companies who are well known and preferred sources into the global market. Our team are trained to give update information, latest technology and our service support for our important customer

Our Commitment

We will serve our customer on time with integrity, expertise and innovation


Multiphase Oil & Gas offers a comprehensive services division for any product brand, in-house and on-site. We intend to provide best customer service to assure long term equipment operation and effectiveness which will support our relationship with our customer.

Quality Management

Multiphase Oil & Gas Co., Ltd. has been certified by United Registrar of Systems Limited (Thailand) in recognition of the organization’s Quality System which complies with ISO 9001:2000.
We intend to continuously improving all the processing and management to be the best representative in the industry.

Maintenance Workshop

Multiphase Oil & Gas Co., Ltd. has own service workshop located in Rayong Area and our workshop will repair and overhaul all the product which w supplied to customer.